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RSS Feeds

This feature allows you to integrate feeds from blogs or news websites either from the business for which you’re creating the application or other sources in relation with the business or both. You can create as many feeds as you want.

Here is how it works:
It doesn’t matter if you know or not the feed link you want to integrate.
Just enter a title for your feed and then the URL of the website from which you want to extract the feed. Click ok. If there are some feeds for this website, Tiger will display them and let you choose the one you want.

rss feeds url

In a second case, you can just enter the name of the site you want to extract the RSS feed. Tiger will automatically scan this website to find the RSS feeds on this one.

rss feeds found

Then just choose the feed you want to display and save. You obtain this:

rss feeds news

You can choose a different design for your page, from the design section at the bottom of the feature:

rss feeds design