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Twitter App Feature


Twitter With the Twitter feature, you will be able to include your Twitter account in your application. 1. Create your Twitter API keys To get Twitter Access keys, you need to create a Twitter Application which is mandatory to access Twitter. Go to https://apps.twitter.com/app/new and log in, if necessary Enter your Application Name, Description and your website address. [...]
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set meal feature

Set Meal (Menu)

Set Meal (Menu) Here is the feature for creating menus or bundles for a business. You’ll be able to create as many menus as you want. Here is what it looks like: “Title”: for example: “Kid’s menu” or “Brunch”. “Price”: This field isn’t mandatory, as you can enter the price in the menu description, but it’s recommended. “Description”: Describe your menu here. “Rules”: This field isn’t [...]
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