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Are you an owner of a new project and need a new website for your project to present your services or products uniquely through it?!

As a website developer, I worked on wordpress platforms for more than five years, through my experiences and implementing tens of websites, I gained experiences that many developers may lack, but this does not mean that I have full experience in this field, you can start to gain an experience from this field but don’t think there is an end point whatever the years of your experience because of the daily updates and new Improvements that occur.

Some advices that i offer to my valued customers bBefore starting to build or develop their own website, and I will summarize them in points hoping to succeed in presenting my idea easily.
We are governed in the web world by the search engines, especially Google Search Engin, we must understand the basics of how these engines work at least simple way, because search engines have a pioneering and fundamental role in the growth of your business through your websites, so don’t forget that you are competitors for millions of sites that may carry the same content of your services or products and the quality of well-done work are the first factor for the success of your site:

1- The domain name: is best if the domain name is not more 7 continuous characters without any signs such as – or _ or numbers.
2- The WordPress theme: Your developer has to choose a theme that are mor compatible with the search engin rules, such us the image optimazation, minifiy the CSS and Java Script, page size….etc. also the theme should be clear and understandable for the client.
3- Pictures: It is better for the images to be refer of the type of service or product, with a high resolution and small size, preferably in JPEG format and bearing the name of the product or service.
4- Content: Search Engin optimazation will ask you to write at least
300 words or more, so we must write the important keywords that the visitors will write then in the Google search or other search engins.
5- Page name: The shorter pge name is more better, for example (about us, products, services, shopping, conditions, contact us … etc.)
6- Website hosting specifications and certificate (SSL): I will write another post about hosting services, but briefly, there are some tips may will let you wich hosting service is best of others:
a- stay away from free or cheap hosting services.
b- The best hosting services at Europe because Europe is the heart of the world.
c- The certificate (SSL) is so necessary to your site it will protect your site and visitors:

  • SSL Protects Data.
  • SSL Affirms Your Identity.
  • Better Search Engine Ranking.
  • SSL Improves Customer Trust.
    *SSL Helps You Satisfy PCI/DSS Requirements.
    Check (
    7- The Developer: The success of your sites appearing in the at least first 10 pages of Google search engine depends on the experience of the developer about the SEO when build your website
    8- Plugins: The good developer try to put fewer plugins and disable or delete all un-nessessary plugins fewer plugins, because the plugins is effecting of the website speed.

These points are not considered comprehensive points, but they are essential if you decide to build your own website, so I tried to summarize some important points and we may list other points for you in another publication
Thanks to anyone who read the article and if there are any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to ask.

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