Custom Profile Module – Create a profile with custom fields for customer to fill in on Signup

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Custom Profile is a powerful module for Twilight Tech that allows you to profile users by using custom fields. You can choose to create the following types of fields: text, Multiline text, image, radio, checkbox, email, date etc

Export Profile/User data as CSV
Switch View to See profile data
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  • Add a Section with Fields and Manage Profiles Options.
  • After new signup, user redirects to CUSTOM PROFILE Page to update his/her Profile.
  • Create Text, Multitext, Email, Number, Date/Hour, Checkbox and Radio Button, Dropdown list.
  • Old Created users will get redirected on the login for the first time to fill in the profile detail.
  • It locks the Profile page after signup to make it mandatory for the customer to fill in at least required field mentioned by App admin.
  • It’s an awesome module which can give real meaning to your customer’s data.


How to Use

1. Go to Features, Select  Profile Module.


2. Create a Section and Field for Profile.



3.When the user logs into the app using  Profile Module he/she will be automatically redirected to Profile Page.

Custom Profile

4. As App Admin – You can log in to a customer and change/see users profile data.


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